If you are interested in 420 College cannabis events and mixers, sign up below and we email you about next events.  Our events for anyone looking to get into the cannabis industry and network with like minded people.  Our mixers are aimed towards Entrepreneurs, Cannabis enthusiasts, and the general public to learn about local companies and how to get started in their desired field.
We want to help bring your ideas to fruition. Fresno is growing, and so can your venture! Which is why we are creating this mixer to help you get your foot in the door.
Whether you smoke or not, and want to start a venture in the cannabis industry, this event is for you. Come network with others and see how you can succeed.
This networking mixer is intended to help you better understand the cannabis industry and also realize what the cannabis industry has to offer as it continues to grow.
Do not worry our events are FREE. We want you to come ready to network. 
Who is going to be there?
We have been involved in the cannabis industry since 2009.  And since then we have attained multiple cannabis business licenses across the state of California for our clients and our own. We not only assist you in learning about the cannabis industry but also how you can start your cannabis business.

Our network spreads across California, you will meet future business partners and associates.

& More!
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